Asset Tracking & Security

Asset tracking labels produced from extra durable polyprop label stock. Labels can be imprinted with your logo to distinguish your assets from that of any other. A white background is most desirable when adding bar codes to labels but matte silver can also be used. Asset or consecutive numbered labels can also be produced in bar coded label sets which allows the same number to be used for the tagged item as well as any paperwork that would need to be filed.


These serialized barcode pallet labels are applied to
pallets when a product is received or shipped at the dock.
This type of barcoding instantly allows identification
of the pallet and its contents when data is entered or
retrieved from the inventory control system.


Inventry Control Labels
Similar to pallet identification labels, these UPC retail inventory
labels are usually linked with purchasable items in a store or
catalog. Inventory control labels allow unique identification and
efficient tracking throughout the manufacturing and shipping process.
UPC Code labels allow manufacturer information to be effortlessly
transferred and tracked by the distributor or retail store.