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Engraving / Name badges | HOTPRINT

Engraving / Name badges

Metal: Laser marking and engraving metals, such as steel, aluminum, silver etc

Paper: Accurate laser cutting of paper, paperboard and cardboard

Plastics: Laser engraving and cutting of plastics. Laser cut and engrave PP, PET PC, PMMA, PS, PES, PA and many more

Rubber: Rubber stamp production. Engrave kits, logos and even photographs on rubber.

Stone: Laser engraving of detailed photographs or graphics on granite, marble, slate or pebble stones.

Textiles: Laser cutting of textiles and fabrics made of cotton, silk and felt.

Wood: Precise laser cutting and engraving  plywood, MDF, Balsa Wood, etc

Acrylic: Laser cutting of acrylic glass, such as e.g Plexiglas, for high cutting speed and crystal-clear, clean edges

Delrin: Manufacturing pocket seals (positive/negative) for high-quality paper embossing

Films and Foils: Laser cutting of foils, films and membrane keyboards  - Contact-less cutting without any mechanical stress.

Foam & Filters: Foam materials made of PES, PE, or PUR or Neopren are well suited for laser cutting.

Glass: Engraving of glass, crystals, bottles or spheres with Trotec laser engraving machines

Laminate: Laser engraving laminates for signs and labels; nameplates, type plates or company signs

Leather: Wallets and purses, bracelets, belts, shoes, and many more are personalised and refined with laser engraving.